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About Time >> RFU to award 15s contracts for England Women – RFU

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Seaton Carew 2s vs Middlesbrough 3s 🏉 #RugbyRef

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Movie Night – Not sure how I missed this first time round #ShutterIsland

My kind, too kind, wife is willing to shave her head in aid of #teamluke if you can raise £1000 – will you make this happen?

Game day, today’s hosts are @SCRUFC 2s vs @BoroRugby 3s #RugbyRef

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View of the Airtrail at the Barrage tonight #sunset #iPhonePhotography

Best Selling !?! 😱 Are we sure about that EE!

Not normally a gold watch fan, but this I like

iPhone Xr (stupid name) is an excellent proposition as long as you’re happy with ‘not quite the best camera’

Any compulsive reason to upgrade from an iPhone X, I’m thinking not. Apple Watch is another story though